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Elizabeth C

"My son rushes to his weekly piano lessons with an eagerness that I love to see.  Rodrigo has a wonderful manner of conveying specific piano skills to practice, while patiently listening and incorporating my son’s thoughts about the music. Thanks Rodrigo!"

Lisa S 

"Since Elias was small we saw that he had a natural talent for guitar. Ben Sher has challenged Elias to turn his gift into a skill. Ben has patiently tasked Elias to work hard and believe in himself. Elias looks forward to his lessons and often explains what he's learning while he's practicing at home - we have no idea what he's talking about, but he certainly does!  Ben is a masterful teacher! Elias is engaged and the results sound Great!"

Elizabeth P-W 

"Our daughter Maya has been studying Voice and Piano with Erin Blatti of Windsor Terrace Music, and we simply can't say enough good things about her. She is professional, yet warm and caring, and clearly has a true passion and love of music. Erin's use of positive reinforcement garners great results. Prior to finding Erin, Maya almost quit piano because she was not inspired by her teacher. That changed when we found Windsor Terrace Music." 

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